Triathlon & Marathon

Challenge your mind and body in some of the world's most physically trying sporting disciplines. Get professional insights and find the right training program for your next marathon, triathlon, or Ironman race. Our workout programs are designed to bring you across the finish line.


Make it to the finish line.
What does it take to complete a marathon? How can you push yourself to complete a full triathlon? More than 4 million Americans compete in triathlon running each year since 2006.

Running your first marathon and competing as a triathlete takes hard work and consistent training. The key to success is finding the right balance between working your body and finding rest. Our mission is to bring you expert knowledge that will prepare you for the physical pressure of marathon running and triathlon sporting.

On this page you will find all the guidance you need to complete before your next run. We will guide you whether you are a beginner looking to get all the facts straight before venturing into the marathon sport, or a professional trying to improve your record.