Breathing & Endurance

Training your breathing is an essential part of a healthy physique. For high intensity athletic training a stronger breath empowers you to push harder and improve your performance. Stronger breathing muscles prolong the oxygen supply to the body. Achieve greater physical endurance during workout through the science of breathing.


Catch your breath with breathing exercises

If you are experiencing a shortness of breath when running, you are not alone. For many sports practitioners both beginners and experienced breathing shortness of breath can affect how you perform in general.


As a professional athlete it is important to know how to work with your breathing to create the best circumstances for your body.


How can you boost performance through breathing training?

Just like your legs, arms and abdomen, your lungs are supported by muscle tissue. Training your breathing has a lot to do with improving the amount of oxygen your body revieces.


Your diaphragm helps with this process, expanding your lungs to bring more oxygen into your bloodstream and your muscles.


Oxygen is a crucial part of your body’s energy process by breaking down glucose (sugar) in the blood and thereby fueling your muscles.


The science behind the Airofit Breathing Trainer

Using the AIrofit breathing trainer helps you improve your body’s vital capacity. The vital capacity is the amount of oxygen in your lungs. While it is not possible to train your lungs ‘bigger’ with the breathing trainer, it can help you increase the amount of usable air in your lungs. Learn more about the Airofit breathing trainer.