Track cycling is probably one of the rare sports, where you train together across teams and clubs — and this has created this unique universe, where your nearest competitors might as well be your closest friends.

That is only one of many things I have enjoyed ever since I started my track cycling journey back in 2015. Rather coincidentally, indeed. As a young girl, I always dreamed of being part of the National Danish Performance Team, a group of gymnasts traveling the world for shows and workshops. After years of training my joints in the feet and knees had suffered immensely, so I was advised to start cycling.

Soon after I participated in my first regional squad training and as soon as I realized how many girls were competing in this track cycling, I made my very first friends within the world of track cycling. Nevertheless, it took quite some years before I seriously got caught up in it and dreamt about winning races all over the world.

Use your willpower

I see a lot of athletes, who thrive on their strong willpower. But I think it is an important difference, whether you are focused on beating the competitor during the race or if you can transform your willpower into curiosity.

If so, you will always find ways to get better instead of being stuck in your old training patterns. I have trained with Airofit for years, ever since they presented their very first breathing trainer. When I started doing breathing exercises as part of my training, I could see results on the track within only a couple of weeks.

If I hadn’t been open-minded to try out new things, I would still be seconds slower than I am today.

Becoming a great athlete

I have always been lucky to have great support from my family, but in the end, it will always be you, who needs to perform. You will have to make sacrifices, no matter whether it’s your morning sleep or declining another invitation of your friend’s birthday as you are off to competitions.

As long as you enjoy everything you do along the journey, I think everything gets easier and therefore you do not mind skipping other things for the sake of your training. But of course, it is all worth it, whenever you accomplish your goals and dreams. If you want to become a good athlete, you need to be able to work structured towards your goals.

One of my career highlights was definitely when qualifying for my very first European Championship in 2016. I had improved my track time by 14 seconds on the 3-kilometer distance, which felt incredible. Also, I have learned that you should never be afraid to ask for help. Especially when you are new in the game, do not be afraid to reach out to those who are more experienced and better than you.

The goals is to join the 2024 Olympics

In 2017 I had my first international victory in Madison together with Trine Schmidt. Ever since, I have worked towards my new goal, the Olympics Games in Tokyo. For me the goal is still to compete in the Olympics, even though circumstances have pushed my goals a bit into the future. I strive to join the 2024 Olympics in Paris. In the back of my mind, the greater focus is always on the main goal. But through the year I prepare for the Olympics by setting and completing smaller goals.

I believe that you must be at the top of your game - both physically and especially metally - to compete in the Olympics. Your conviction and mental health plays the biggest part, I think. And wIth the Olympics being pushed I will give me time to train harder and make sure I continue to beat the competition.